Myra Station Parking Lot Location

  • Starting from downtown Kelowna, make your way to K. L. O. Road and head east.

  • Follow K. L. O. Road to the “Y” junction of K. L. O. Road, E Kelowna Road, and McCulloch Road.

  • Take McCulloch Road and follow the direction signs pointing to Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort.

  • DO NOT turn in to June Springs Rd (which leads you to a different parking lot of the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park) but continue past the golf course and you will find the road narrows as it winds its way down to a bridge crossing KLO Creek.

  • Keep going until you see the sign with the Myra Canyon Bicycle Rental logo at the beginning of the Myra Forest Service Road and turn right.

  • Follow this gravel road for 8 km.

  • Turn right immediately before the sign from BC Parks and you are in the Myra Station parking lot with easy access to the Myra Canyon trestles trail leading into the Canyon.

Map Grid Coordinates for Myra Station

(Either of the following two coordinates can be programmed into most GPS units to take you directly to the Myra Station parking lot.)

Coordinates # 1

49° 48’ 07” N
119° 18’ 45” W

Coordinates # 2

Lat. 49.801944
Long. -119.3125

Hours of Operation

7 days a week from 9 am till 5.30 pm.

Myra Canyon Bike Rental location
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