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WARNING: In consideration of being permitted to rent and operate the Equipment and/or participate in a guided or self-guided tour , which are hereby acknowledged to be an inherently dangerous and risky activities, each adult  Renter, on his own behalf, on behalf of all minors whose names appear below and with respect to whom said adult  Renter is the legal guardian (the “Minors”), and on behalf of his/her spouse, and the legal representatives, heirs, and assigns, of him/herself and of the Minors (each of the foregoing is a “Releasor”), does hereby release, waive, and discharge all claims which may arise against  Myra Canyon Bicycle Rental their officers, directors, managers, shareholders, members, owners, employees, and agents and the successors, assigns, and heirs of each of the foregoing, (each of the foregoing is a “Releasee”) in connection with the use of the Equipment and/or participation in a tour (collectively, the “Released Claims”), and does hereby covenant not to sue the Releasees, for the Released Claims, whether arising out of the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise. CLICK HERE to read complete Rental Contract and Release as it limits your legal rights.